I Want To Be YOURS

I’d still love you,
If the world stops spinning
If heaven and hell tear us apart
If you ever forget me

I’d still love you,
If I find out you weren’t made for me
If these years in my life were nothing but a lesson
If we were just a bad dream

Darling, I’d still love you,
If I never hold you in my arms
If I never hear you speak 

I’d still love you,
If one day I love another and
If you don’t love me,
I’d still love you

Richa Gill (@RiichaG_)


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You were my king. Everything about you was perfect in my eyes. Your personality. Your looks. Your voice. Everything. The way you joke. The way you laugh. But the way you could make me smile. Ugh. The way you made me smile was why I loved you. You were the man I wanted. I fell in love with you every morning. Every day. And every night before bed. Every moment of the day I know you caught me just staring at you smiling. Just seeing you sit there would make me think about how much I loved you. The way you moved. The way you could watch cyphers all day long. The way I swear you was always on Wikipedia. Aha. still makes me smile when I think about you. The way you slept. Mouth open. The way your eyes was slightly open also. Kinda scary but I loved it. The way you drooled and sweat like crazy. I’m glad I see you in my son. He does the same shit you do. The way you can piss me off shows me just how much I love you cause if I didn’t I wouldn’t give 2fuxks about what you do. The way you listen to music. How I can see you in the lyrics. I love seeing your gap when you smile. I love your style. You inspire me to do better. I love Tht about you. Even tho your an ass sometimes. I love that cause it’s you. I love you. So one day I hope you can love me like I love you. Admire the little things about me like I do you. That’s what love it. That’s what true love is.

I’m Done Trying.

I love you more than words can explain. But there’s nothing more I can do but let you go. Maybe one day you’ll love me like I do you. And hopefully you don’t come a day too late. I feel like I’ve showed you that I care. Yes I argue. And yes I know that you hate that. But I’m in pain. Physical and mental pain for a while now. So I hope you understand one day where all that anger and sadness was coming from. I wish I could still call you my Bestfriend. But a Bestfriend nor a friend would treat me like this. I’m there when you need me and that’s the only time you want me. That’s not fair. This shit is so one sided. So I’m done. I wish I could say I’m done hurting but I can’t. It still hurts that’s true. But I really do love you dude. I hope you realize that sooner than later.


I love you dude you know that.
But then the more I try to forget what tf you did and are doing now, the more I get pissed. You allowed a home wrecker to do just that smh. I hate you. Ughhh this shit shouldn’t be worth it. It kills me inside everyday.


I’m fine. I’m completely and utterly fine. I’m not okay.


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I was loyal. I still am. Even tho I know you haven’t been. I love you booty

I don’t feel loved


Fun Psychology facts here!

But he made me the happiest person at one point. I keep telling myself were just going thru something. It will get better soon.